Maybe an underground house is for you!

There are a number of national underground home building systems to choose from that include concrete steel reinforced structures in a modular form. Many of these have dome ceilings that are poured on location and can be arranged in a multitude of configurations.

By using an established building system you have the advantage of flexibility in design, a dome roof is 20 times stronger that a flat roof, open airy feeling and fairly quick construction time.

These companies will typically construct the structural concrete wall and ceilings including electrical conduits and other mechanicals that need to be integrated into the poured concrete walls and ceilings. You can then have an experienced builder fit out or finish the remaining construction.

With walk out walls with parapets to hold the earth back on top of the structure and the relatively new tubular daylight sun tunnels these structures can be surprisingly bright airy and open.

Underground structures save you money in heating and cooling costs year after year for generations to come due to the durable materials used in construction and in utilizing the benefits of the earth.

Most underground home systems will provide cost effective design services that enable you to create any design imaginable including contemporary, traditional, Spanish, country style and more.

When designing the HVAC system pay special attention to removal of moisture from the underground home. The constant temperature of the earth makes the HVAC load very low but moisture removal from the home is much more critical that in a conventional home.

When building an underground home select a contractor with a proven track record of underground structural concrete projects.