Melton Renovation - River Road - Harrodsburg, KY

Jeff loves living on the Kentucky RIver but hated getting wet every time the river flooded. What was the solution? Raise his house two foot above the Army Corps Of Engineers 100 year flood elevation.

Interested in some construction specifics?  The decking was treated 5/4 screwed into the joists. The joists are treated 2by8s, the beams 2by10 treated. The beams are bolted to the 6by6 vertical posts with carriage bolts. The 6by6 treated posts are anchored into the ground in bag mix. From an engineering standpoint, this is the best method to anchor your posts in the ground.(far better that incasing them in concrete) All fasteners are galvanized and all joists secured with joist hangers. The spindles are treated 2by2's and no section of the rail or ramp will have an opening more that 4 inches which is Kentucky Building Code. The ramp has no less than a 48 inch clearance between inside rails.

Please take a look at the pictures below to see check out this unique project.