Kaak Renovation - Stamping Ground, KY

David and Vicky Kaak saw our booth at a home show and stopped to talk with us. David works for the Louisville Police and is active in many side jobs. Vicky was studing to become a registered Nurse and helping to raise their two small children.

They were interested in possibly working with us to remodel their current home or build a new home, as the family was growing and their current home as too small. As most all of our clients they did not know where to start or how to assess which one of these options would work for them.

We set up an initial free consultation at our office and discussed the 2 options. Because I really needed to see the existing home I set up a meeting to go out to their existing home to take a look and also look at the potential building site for the new home.

I put together ballpark numbers for an extreme makeover addition/renovation and also building a new addition. This was presented to the Kaaks and they went out and talked with mortgage brokers and reviewed their budget.

The extreme makeover option was selected because they wanted to have the same “farmhouse look” with a new house “feel”. David was tired of slanting floors and crooked walls that are typical in a 100 year old house. The extreme makeover eliminated the problems with an old house but we could still use the foundation and part of the existing framing to reduce the total overall cost. This option worked because otherwise they could not get over 3,000 sq ft of finished space for the budget they wanted to spend.

We had our custom plan designer come out to the old house and we discussed Davids and Vickys “wants and needs” and also what they wanted to spend. Plans, project specifications and a hard cost budget were created based on this information. Construction begins,.

The pictures tell the story, but you can see that the majority of the house was torn down and rebuild to “new house specifications”. New HVAC, new plumbing new electric, hardwood floors, ceramic tile showers, custom cabinets and countertops, full basement with exterior entrance, master bedroom suite and master bath, bedrooms and baths for all the children and just lots of space in general. The new home has over 3,200 sq ft of finished space that came in at about $220K.

Both David and Vicky were actively involved in the design, planning and actual construction. David had the capability to do many things but his time was limited so we custom tailored the construction schedule to allow him to be as active as he wanted without putting the project behind schedule. This extreme makeover was completed in less that 6 months.