We are often asked…“Do you guys know anything about GREEN BUILDING?” and that is a good question! You hear about green everything theses days…some of it is green but a lot of it is just marketing hype!

Our initial response to almost any general green building question is to ask a question! “What does green building mean to you, in other words, what do you want to get out of building or remodeling “green”? The reason we start with this question is because for some people the emphasis is on the earth’s carbon footprint, for others it may be how environmentally friendly building products are or for others it is about energy efficiency. Focusing on building green for each of these areas requires a customized approach.

At CMA, we will work with you to make sure the outcome matches your “actual wants and needs.”




“Green Building” is more that a check list with us…it’s the use of quality building practices that promote sustainability to make a home healthier and more energy efficient. Interested in Superior Walls, ICF, SIPS, Icynene, Spider Fiberglass, tankless hot water, high efficiency heat pumps or Geothermal heating and cooling?…we build with these products everyday. We endeavor to assist all of our clients to secure energy efficient, clean and environmentally friendly homes. Our efforts have been recognized across the community by building homes that are compliant with “Energy Star” and “LEEDS” quality standards.

When it comes down to deciding design criteria or making specific product selections, CMA will give you the facts to make qualified decisions. For example, when we bring in hard cost numbers on various HVAC systems we will quantify the price differential with the ENERGY EFFICIENCY increase or decrease. That way you can see the clear picture on the potential payback. We will do heat load calculations on your home (and specific building envelope design) such that you will know your total annual utility costs BEFORE we even start building!

Is all this just nice marketing hype on your website? My answer is no!

Come on in and I will show you the home of Jerry and Jeanne Clotfelter, a green home we just finished in Lawrenceburg KY. It has 3,000 sq ft of finished space and 3,000 sq ft of unfinished basement.

The total heating, air conditioning and hot water energy cost for the year is $980. Now that’s green…especially when it comes to energy efficiency!

We are educated on green building but we also want you to learn more. The more you know, the easier it is for you to convey what you want in your custom build and the better we can match your expectations with the finished product.

Pursuant to this, we are a founding member of a local non-profit in Lexington called Energy Pros which is dedicated to sponsoring education for the public on the benefits and strategies of High Performance Homes. Our group of professionals sponsor monthly seminars to inform consumers on particular techniques used to achieve extraordinary levels of comfort and energy efficiency in their home construction.

If you’re not a seminar person, don’t worry, come on in and we’ll be glad to educate you on green building right in our office.