Fyffe Home - Midway, KY

Tim and Amy Fyffe came to one of our UBuildIt seminar and liked what they heard. The wanted to have control of their project but also wanted to save money over going the conventional route with a builder.

Tim is a Vice President at Central Bank here in Lexington and is no stranger to many of the local builders. However, both Tim and Amy liked what they heard at our seminar and contracted with us to complete our home planning and design phase. After reviewing both our UBuildIt and CMA programs, they decided they wanted to go with the CMA build method.

This home is situated on a nice farm with a wonderful vineyard and the house overlooks a peaceful pond. Please take a look at some pictures taken during the construction of this beautiful home! I hope you enjoy seeing Tim and Amys beautiful new home. Please read on... as all of us have put in a lot of hard work and want to show it off to you!