Barnes Car Collectors Garage-Tates Creek Rd-Lexington, KY

This 5,385 square foot project is located on a relatively small lot located 10 blocks from downtown Lexington, KY. Mitchell Barnes was a serious car collector building a high end showplace for his cars. My client was 76 years old when diagnosed with stem cell cancer and had undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy doing our time together. Unfortunately Mitchell passed away in November of 2017 and the project construction so far…has never been finished.

The first phase is complete and includes a 2,500 square foot showroom for about 14 cars. He collected mostly older model collectible Maseratis, Ferraris, Lamboughis and lots of cool older US cars.

To display these old and very expensive vehicles he wanted the proper showplace. The concrete floors in the building are beautiful polished terrazzo with gold edging borderers separating the different colors on the floors. The gluelam beams are 1ft 5 in deep and 7 inches wide constructed of yellow pine and set 8 ft on center. This beam package was $65,000.

Under the drywall is open cell spray foam insulation on all walls of the garage and portico including bands and draft stopping. There is an ignition thermal barrier paint over the foam insulation.There are two Schweiss Aircraft Hangar Doors costing $15,000 each clad with a natural local barn wood lumber.

The project was wired for technology with a Pakedge Dual WAN Gigabit Router with wall mount access point. There is internet and WiFi coverage including multiple Geothermal HVAC systems controlled from Mitchell’s i-phone, Lighting Controls, Audio/Video, Security and Pool Controls. All of the cameras and other IP based equipment is attached to the network. The lighting fixture package in this building was $35,000.

The exterior of the building is clad in real Kentucky limestone. The same limestone that filters our spring water and is used to make every great bourbon in the world. The cutting and laying of this limestone is truly an art. This stone veneer runs 40-50 SF and we have about $180,000 of this beautiful stone work in the project. Accenting the two doors and bordering the limestone are some fairly complicated brick arch work.Accenting the outside of the front facade are 3 – four foot tall natural gas lamps.

The underground car garage was not in the initial project design. Mitchell made this change a bit on the fly. We had the main garage complete with a footing and foundation wall supporting a 20 foot tall wall of 5 inch thick solid limestone. We had to dig down 12 foot right next to this wall. Being in the concrete construction business for 40 years, I knew to bring in the big guys to prevent any liability issues over structural settling or collapse. We paid Dwyer Companies, a Geotechnical and Structural Specialty Services Company to design a temporary shoring system for us to dig the foundation and then a permanent structural fix. This involved jacking 8 steel beams 40 foot down in the ground to bedrock to support the bottom of the footing. We then ran 3 inch by 8 foot twisted soil nails under the existing building sub base. Those were connected to plates embedded in a 24 cubic yard vertical shotcrete concrete wall reinforced with #6 bar 10 in on center both ways. The cost for this shoring system was $36,000.

The roof is a TPO membrane flat roof and is tied into the existing shingle roof of the house. There is a parapet around the top of the building with solid stone caps.

The second phase of the project includes a majestic 3 story tall glass atrium that encloses a wonderful living area including a Pool House, Lanai and Atrium highlighting a fireplace, sauna and lap pool. The exterior glass is a thermal curtain wall, dark bronze anodized finish, 1 inch Pilkington active blue over clear Low-e tempered insulated glass along with areas of Spandrel glass. This glass package is a triple pane, self cleaning glass finish that reduces heat transfer by 75% and missile resistance to 125 MPH winds! There is 2,500 SF of structural glazing.

The structural steel package including the structural steel beams, columns, steel joists, metal decking and misc. steel for the Pool House, Lanai and Atrium including all erection costs was $175,000. There is 58,000 pounds of structural steel in this project.

Believe It Or Not As Riply says…there is an underground garage showroom below the three story glass atrium. How do the cars get in the basement. How do people navigate this four story showplace? Easy with 3 elevators!

There are 2 Daytona Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators at a cost of $20,000 each. Gone are the days when people traveled in transparent bubbles. Today this in no longer a product of our imagination. It is a bubble that will carry you without cables, pulleys or pistons. The elevator is a sleek and compact 37 inch diameter tube with a 360 degree panoramic view that transports you by air at 35 feet per minute! Yes another major cool feature of this project.

The third elevator I mentioned…oh yes. It is for moving these collectible cars into the underground parking garage. Pull up outside the 3 story glass atrium press a button and a lift flush with the parking lot starts moving your car down 9 feet into the underground garage. The sizzors lift is capable of raising/lowering 2 cars at a time with an 8,000 pound capacity.

The basement walls will be clad with a local slate stone as well as the floor and stairs going to the first floor. The ceiling will be clad with rough sawn barn lumber. The yard outside of this showplace will feature a landscaped picnic area and a relaxing recirculating stream ending in a 400 SF pond.

Some amenities on this project include an exterior 2 story elevated wood observation deck, a crows nest interior observation platform, tile shower with radiant heat, sauna steam room/shower, washer/dryer, 500 sq ft office, full kitchen, wet bar, $12,000 fireplace and indoor fire pit to name a few.

Sorry to see Mitchell Barnes gone. He was a really great guy and I wish we could have finished his dream collectors garage before he passed away. Bless your soul Mitchell…my friend.